Met sine thesis gel pads

The Safe-T Smart also includes a vertical adjustment to position precisely where the helmet touches the head. For a helmet to be fully protective it must be adjusted to fit securely. The specific shape of the deflectors the visible part of the skeleton directs maximum air flow towards the interior of the shell helping make Sine Thesis the most ventilated helmet ever designed according to the German magazine Road Bike after a comparative performance test.

With superior hygiene, a much longer lifespan, its thickness remaining stable over time, Thanks to the broader and lighter contact area, the pressure on the head is distributed in a homogenous way for added comfort.

MET Helmet Pad Set for Sine Thesis

Assembling the exoskeleton in the Met sine thesis gel pads before the shell moulding process requires 14 different operations carried out by experts. This construction technique provides better shock-absorption results than the Twin-Shell at equivalent volume and material density.

It must also remain secure whilst being used.

MET Sine Thesis Helm

The technical choice to embed the strap anchoring points in the mass creates extra difficulties from a construction perspective, but it improves the aerodynamics of the helmet by leaving the exterior of the shell free from anything which might perturb air flow.

The internal mechanism was designed for precision and reliability. Gel 02 holds the helmet snugly in place thanks to its natural capacity to adapt its shape to fit the head.

In the event of a crash, the tensile stress that the straps place on their anchoring points can be violent. Originating from the medical industry, it is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel.

Review: Met Sine Thesis helmet

Although improving performance is often at a cost to comfort and vice-versa, this is not the case with our exclusive KevlarTM straps. MET helmets are all fitted with lockable lateral dividers where the front and back straps meet. Inspired by animal carapaces, the concept when combined with In-mould construction leads to outstanding structural performance.

A dial at the back of the helmet for easy one-hand size adjustment. At night or in tunnels, the reflective sticker placed at the back of the helmet makes the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind.

Its role is to ensure that the helmet is held firmly on the head. In-mould construction involves fusing together in the same matrix the two parts of the helmet shell the interior which is generally black or grey polystyrene and the coloured polycarbonate exterior during the moulding process.

For the simple reason that only MET is able to build such a complex shell. It is a daring innovation worthy of a Jules Verne novel transformed into a very real product by our technical wizardry. Ventilated, with breathability, ever lighter and ultra-resistant they have numerous advantages over traditional straps.MET Sine Thesis Helmet Don’t bother looking for an equivalent to Sine-Thesis on the market, there isn’t one.

For the simple reason that only MET is. Aug 07,  · MET Sine Thesis Ice Lite review £ Recognising that heat will be created where a helmet contacts the skull, the Sine Thesis features MET’s Gel 02 pads, made from hypoallergenic Author: Robin Wilmott. MET Sine Thesis Helmet - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World's largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycles/5(13).

The Sine Thesis gets MET's anti-allergenic gel interior pads. Mounted in the centre and front of the helmet, these are designed to repel sweat to.

SINE-THESIS HES / STRADIVARIUS HES gel pads. SINE-THESIS HES / STRADIVARIUS HES gel pads. 18,00 € Add to cart More. In Stock.

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Replacement helmet pads for the MET helmet Sine Thesis.4/5(1).

Met sine thesis gel pads
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